24 February 2009

High Contrast (All Styles Mix)

Producer extraordinaire High Contrast sits in for Rob da Bank on Radio 1's leftfield music show.

Kid Cudi – ‘Day n Night (Jokers of the Scene remix)’ Duplate
High Contrast – ‘The Basement Track (HC's 2009 remix)’
Bloc Party – ‘One Month Off’ (Wichita)
The Shoes – ‘Ho Lord’ (50 Bones)
Jokers of the Scene –‘Acidrod’ (Fool’s Gold)
Lil’ Wayne – ‘Dr Carter’
Diplo – ‘California Soul remix’ (Verve)
Love - ‘Alone Again Or’ (Elektra)
Usha Uthup – ‘Ramba Ho Samba Ho’
Giorgio Moroder – ‘Theme Tune from Scarface’ (Scarface OST)
Justice - ‘Planisphere 2' (Dior)
Dirty Phonics – ‘Quarks’ (Audio Porn)
Ben Westbeech and Redlight – ‘Do It All Again’
Two Fisted Tales aka High Contrast – ‘Fugue State’ (TFT) Exclusive
Wiley – ‘I Need To Be (High Contrast produced remix)’
Ken Nordine with today’s colour – ‘Maroon’
Eddie Cochran – ‘I Almost Lost My Mind’ (Liberty)
Nero – ‘Act Like You Know’ (BBK)
Flashing Light remix (dubplate)
Cyantific – ‘Space Zombie’ (Hospital)
MGMT – ‘Time To Pretend’ Booty (dubplate)
Dropping Science Vol 1 remix (dubplate)
Jonny L - 'Evar’ (Mr L records)
Break – ‘Winter Sun’ (Critical)
Nu-Tone – ‘Balaclava vs System’ (Hospital)
Alex & Jess Le Tan – ‘Son’s of the Snake’ (Space Oddities)
The Beach Bums/ Paul Williams – ‘Upholstery’ (Phantom of the Paradise OST)
Ed Smith - ‘Billy Jean (remix)’ (from ‘The Michael remixes’)
Dance Area – ‘AA 24/7’ (Phantasy)
Kill The Noise – ‘Pull My Strings’
High Contrast - ‘Seven Black Notes’ (Hospital Records) Exclusive
Two Fisted Tales aka High Contrast – ‘Rushmore’ (TFT)