6 November 2010

El-B (Cumbia, Merengue & Salsa mix)

Dubstep and Garage pioneer El-B reveals a strong passion for all things Cuban & Colombian in this fantastic mix brought to us courtesy of Joe Muggs at Very Very Much. The mix came about following an interview which Joe did for Wired in which El opens up about his father's Cuban Salsa band, Colombian family connections & daytime listening habits - check the full transcript here.

The mix itself stays in strictly traditional latin american territory and El describes these sounds as such: "you might not even like it but you can't help it, you have to move a hip or an elbow or something... it's infectiously bouncy... obviously just really fucking dancey".

Finally you'll be pleased to hear that both interviews hint at forthcoming house & funky productions with a Cumbia flavour from El-B!

  El-B Mundo Musica Cumbia Mix by veryverymuch