23 November 2010

Spirit (Acid & Techno tapes)

Here's something for you acid house & techno fans, apparently Spirit of inneractive & phantom audio fame came across some old cassettes, recorded them to mp3 & shared them with the guys at Lowerdepths!

It's a great find as they have all the lovely hiss & crackle you'd expect from an old taped vinyl mix. A tracklist has been done for the acid mix and the techno one remains happily unidentified.


Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It
Master C & J - Face It
Jack Frost - Cool and Dry
Armando - Confusions Revenge
Pierres Pfantasy Club - Dreamgirl (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass
Bam Bam - Wheres Your Child
??? - ???
Ron Trent - Altered States