16 October 2009

Andrew Weatherall (Influences Mix)

Legendary British techno DJ Andy Weatherall has an incredibly diverse musical taste which certainly isn't limited to the electronic scene in which he first found success. In fact he's got a forthcoming solo album with heavy punk & rock influences some of which he introduces in the mix below. From the always popular FACT series here is number 85 - A fantastic journey through rock'n'roll & rockabilly with Andy Weatherall.

Circlesquare - Hey You Guys
Whitey - It Was Made of Night
Dum, Dum, Dum - Dum, Dum, Dum
White Williams - Route to Palm
The Ole Miss Downbeats - Geraldine
Bert Weedon - Ginchy
Johnny Knight - Rock'n'Roll Guitars
Wayne Walker - All I Can Do Is Cry
The Monks - I Hate You
The National - Apartment Story
Stockholm Monsters - Life's Two Faces
Wasted Youth - Things...
Mogwai - The Sun Smells Too Loud
Durutti Column - Sketch for Summer
Dennis Wilson - Farewell my Friends
The Mighty Wah! - Talkin' the Blues