15 April 2010

Funk D'Void (Drum & Bass mix)

House & Techno legend Funk D'Void wasn't always 4/4 inclined. This trip back to his early days reveals a familiar dnb background.

 "I decided it was time (after around 14 years!) that I should make a small aural snapshot of some of my favourite DnB tracks from the past and put them together as a trip down down memory lane, especially for some of my old Glasgow friends (LUBE club), back when we had such luminary guests like Danny Bukem (one of my heroes), Alex Reece and The Waxdoctor during the late 90s. It was a magical time for me and I hope that you enjoy the mix, it was made with much love. X Lars (Funk D'Void) "

Funk D'Void - My Adidas
Chameleon - Links
Zyon Base - Ghetto Blues
Breakage - Cooper
Jazz Cartel - Expand
Pfm - Goodlooking
Waxdoctor - All I Need
Adam F - Aromatherapy
Faalb - Atrbas (Icr Remix)
Beta 2 - Saturate
Beta 2 - Trojan